Light in the Clouds


By A. Roeder

New York

The New Church Board of Publication

3 West Twenty-ninth Street

To the readers who have learned to look for and to recognize the internal sense of the Word these Brief Readings will convey truths of a spiritual nature, and will do so without comment or elucidation.

To those who are not familiar with the thought of the internal sense of the Word the author can give only this brief statement: ancient symbolism is most readily read by the “Science of Correspondences,” in which a word or term used with a natural meaning contains within itself a corresponding spiritual thought. Thus, as fire warms and vivifies the body, love warms and vivifies the soul — hence fire corresponds to love. Light gives sight to the eye, truth causes the understanding to see — hence light signifies truth. This thought applied in a multitude of ways, through an endless series of ramifications, with which to trouble the reader would be dogmatic and unkind, (since in some of its inward realizations it involves some fairly thorough study of philology and of mathematics, ) produces the science of correspondences, and this enables the careful reader to see and to understand the hidden purport of much that otherwise would remain concealed and unintelligible.

The Brief Readings are laid before the reader and student of spiritual things with the hope that they may be the source and cause of now and again a helpful thought or the motive of a useful deed.

A. Roeder.
Orange, N. J., 1899