If Natural Light corresponds to Spiritual Light then Wisdom-Love must correspond to Electro-magnetism and Radiation-Gravitation. Why? According to the latest scientific theories, every thing in the universe is a wave-function. And, although each wave-function or being in the universe is an independent standing wave, it is also related to all other beings in the universe by means of the Electro-magnetic field of Light. Now, the electro-magnetic field consists of two fields that are at right angles to each other. The electric field separates everything into positive and negative while the magnetic field reunifies all things into one whole. This is why all things in the physical world are separated and attracted to each other. What is harmonious is united while what is not harmonious is separated. For example, Sodium and Chlorine are attracted to each other and, when they combine, they form Sodium Chloride which is a more stable compound. They form this bond through the electro-magnetic field. DNA molecules evolved into existence because their atoms were in harmony with each other. The only reason DNA molecules and eventually human beings evolved into existence was because Natural Light (Electro-magnetism) is in correspondence with Spiritual Light (Wisdom-Love).

On the macrocosmic scale, ELECTRO-MAGNETISM corresponds to RADIATION-GRAVITATION. Every massive entity exerts a centripetal force towards other entities. This is called gravity or gravitation. Everything is attracted toward the massive center. But there is an equal centrifugal force that is separating all things toward the outer peripheries of space. This is why the universe seems to be expanding. Everything is radiating out and gravitating in. There is an equilibrium between Matter and Space. Gravitation produces matter from space and radiation disintegrates matter into space. But all these 3-D phenomena are just effects of the fourth dimension. 3-D space is not empty; it is connected to the fourth, fifth and sixth dimension by means of curvature, correspondence and influx.

All these physical phenomena are produced by correspondence and influx from the higher-dimensional field of WISDOM-LOVE. The field of electricity corresponds to the field of Wisdom or Truth because Truth (or Judgment) also separates. And natural magnetism must correspond to spiritual magnetism or Love. Truth (Judgment) separates and Love (Mercy) reunifies. Divine Judgment (Truth) separates what is True from what is false, Good from evil or what is harmonious from what is not harmonious. And Divine Love combines all things that are in harmony. Like the electric and magnetic fields are at right angles to each other, the higher-dimensional field of Wisdom-Love is known as the spiritual field of Righteousness. God is omnipresent because He is at the center of every being through Love (gravitation) as well as at the extremities of the universe through Wisdom (radiation).

We can now understand how and why DNA and natural humans evolved into existence. The human physical form is in fact the form of Divine Wisdom-Love. This human natural form involved and evolved through many cycles of transformation. And natural humans can continue to evolve by understanding Truth and practicing Love until their soul is in the spiritual form of Heaven. This is how angels are created from the human race. Angels are human beings who have created a higher-dimensional body of true beliefs and loving affections that can subsist in the eternal higher-dimensional fields of Heaven.

Love is the last frontier where God or Infinite Being interacts with the finite and unbounded higher-dimensional universe.