Freedom and Law



Hundreds of years ago, scientists assumed that the natural world was completely deterministic. And they set out to discover the universal laws that govern the universe. Over time, they did discover many natural laws. For example, Maxwell discovered the laws that govern and regulate electric and magnetic fields. Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation. And Mendeleev uncovered the periodicity of the natural elements. However, recently, quantum physicists have detected that the universe is not only governed by Law but also permeated with uncertainty. Quanta seem to emerge from a world of possibilities that is not completely deterministic. In fact, the quantum world is characterized by uncertainty.

Where does this uncertainty originate? If we take into account that the universe is higher-dimensional, we can postulate that this uncertainty is really how spiritual freedom manifests on the physical level. In order for things to change and evolve in the universe, there must not only be law but freedom as well. For example, chemical elements are free to interact and combine with each other but only those elements that are in harmony will ultimately combine to form more stable structures. Natural species are free to evolve but this evolution is not only the result of chance or accident; it is equally guided by laws of affinity. These natural laws are in correspondence with spiritual laws of involution and evolution implicit within Divine Love and Wisdom. This is why every finite being is an imperfect image (Wisdom) and likeness (Love) of God.

We can infer from this that natural laws are in correspondence with the spiritual laws of Love and Wisdom in higher dimensions. As a consequence, we can conclude that the evolution of DNA molecules and human beings was not the outcome of chance or accident but the result of natural processes behaving in correspondence with the spiritual processes of Love and Wisdom. The universe is involving and evolving in accordance with the Word or Divine Idea.


Since it is derived from Divine Love and Wisdom, the whole universe is permeated with Freedom and regulated by Law. Freedom stems from Divine Love and Law from Divine Wisdom or Truth. And, like Divine Love and Wisdom are eternally linked, Freedom and Law are always connected. In order to be Free, we must obey the Law. This is analogous to freedom in a civilized society. In order to continue to live and function with others in society, we must obey the laws of the land. Otherwise, we end up in prison and lose our freedom. Well, this also applies to the spiritual world. In order to function harmonically with others in spiritual society, we must obey spiritual laws. Otherwise, we end up in spiritual prison or hell. The Ten Commandments are the laws of spiritual society. And the Beatitudes are the blessings we experience when we obey the Law. Heaven is a higher-dimensional realm of harmony where we interact harmonically with other unselfish, righteous and loving souls (angels). Hell is a spiritual realm where we interact cruelly with other selfish, lustful and angry souls (devils).

God has bestowed upon humans the gift of spiritual will. Only what we intend, choose, say and do from the freedom of our will becomes truly ours. Thus, every second of our life, we are freely choosing between Truth (Light) and falsehood (darkness), Good (unselfishness) and evil (selfishness). We are freely choosing to enter the harmonic higher-dimensional fields of Heaven or the distorted fields of hell.