Divine Love must necessarily be unselfish because God is infinite and His substance (or Divine Self) is realized by expanding or giving infinitely. But what about human beings? In order to love God in return, a human being must possess a self that is distinct and separate from God. This is precisely why angels must evolve from the Earth. Angels may be unselfish but they still possess a self that is distinct and separate from God. Angels evolve from the human race because it is only on the level of earth that we can acquire a self that is free and distinct from God. In fact, on earth, we are free to reject God’s Truth and Love if we so choose. Thus, man’s self is very different than God’s Self or Holiness (I AM). Man’s self was simply designed to be an empty vessel where the Love and Wisdom of God can be poured. Thus, spiritually, in itself, man’s self is void, empty, selfish and evil. In fact, the very definition of evil is selfishness. And, it is only when we realize that we have no real Being of our own that we can fill this empty self with the Love of God, Love of neighbor and Love of uses and be transformed from a human being into an angel of Light by humility, repentance, forgiveness, justice and useful works.

The universe was wisely designed by God in this way so that human beings would acquire a self that is distinct and separate from Himself. The level of the Earth is the level of the universe where we are free to choose between Divine Order and disorder, Truth and falsehood, Good (unselfishness) and evil (selfishness). This is precisely why at the beginning of our human spiritual journey we are full of doubt, uncertainty and suspicion. We are not sure who or what to believe. And we are always tempted to follow our lower instincts instead of freely obeying our higher conscience. This is a choice that we are compelled to make every day that we live on Earth. Yet, we can also be distracted and deceived by appearances. After witnessing some of the maliciousness, cruelty, violence, disease and perversity that is manifested on Earth, some of us may even question if there is a God. Some people become dismayed by religion because they believe that God should stop evil from being manifested on Earth. The only reason that God allows such events on the Earth is because the Earth is the place where human beings exercise their freewill. Nevertheless, Divine Providence eventually bends every evil event for the Good of the whole.

On earth, we must eventually choose what we love and believe from the freedom of our self. The quality of our loves and beliefs determines the substance and form of our spiritual body. And our spiritual body determines the spiritual atmosphere in which we subsist. The quality of our spiritual body always matches the quality of our spiritual environment. Some of us may freely choose to only obey God’s Law and become Natural angels. Others may also desire to understand God’s Truth and become Spiritual angels. Others may freely choose to love Good and become Celestial angels. Even so, some may tragically choose to reject God’s laws of harmony and freely choose to follow their lower instincts of self-love, love of the world and love of abuses. Such human beings eventually develop an infernal spiritual body that only has the capacity to subsist in the dark and infernal environments of hell. They have FREELY and WILLINGLY chosen to be in hell.