Nonlinear Time

Changing our idea about Time can change our whole view of the universe. For hundreds of years scientists assumed that the universe was purely material, that time was linear and that all things in the universe decayed with time. The arrow of time was believed to be from order to disorder: And some physicists even predicted the heat death of the universe.

However, today, scientists have a completely different understanding of time. We now know that the speed of Light is absolute and time is relative. This also means that, in the realm of Light, there is no time. Light is an omnipresent state. And, if every thing is essentially made of Light, every thing is a wavefunction of potentialities in an ocean of Light. Moreover, according to Chaos theory, order can also emerge from disorder because the universe embeds an attractor that restores order. In fact, this universal attractor that is restoring order must be the wavefunction of Light or Divine Love. This also means that time is non-linear; it does not move in a straight line but returns into itself like a vortex. We not only embed the memories of our past but the possibilities of the future as well. This is also why the Bible not only contains the history of humanity but also the prophecies of the future.

Now, let us discover how our new understanding of time can change our beliefs and even our being. Although we may be present as a physical body, our being is a non-local state of mind and will. In fact, we embed the whole evolution of humanity within our being, including the sinful past of our human ancestors as well as our own personal history. Since the potentialities of our being are partly determined by our past, we may be aligned with fields of disorder. However, due to the non-linearity of time, our being is equally influenced by the future state of the universe, which is the harmonic state of Heaven. The universal attractor of Divine Love is continually restoring order (Truth) and propelling us towards this Heavenly state.

When we erroneously believe that the universe is purely material and that Time is linear, our life becomes meaningless because we assume that every fleeting moment is disappearing into the past and that the future is completely uncertain. As a result, we tend to be troubled by our past and anxious about our future. However, in a non-linear universe, the past is a memory and the future is a possibility within our mind because our reality is an omnipresent state of being. And the only way we can change our state of being is by willing, thinking and acting in the PRESENT. By aligning our will with Divine Love and our mind with Divine Truth and doing what is Good and True, we are restoring our sinful past and gradually advancing into the harmonic state of Heaven. When we act righteously in the present, we no longer need to worry about our past because we have faith in the Divine Providence of the future.

Since we embed the whole evolution of life on earth, the past of our human ancestors is enfolded within our being and DNA. As we know, humanity gradually fell from the state of innocence of the Adamic Church. And after the consummation of the Israelitish Church, humanity was flooded with falsehood and evil (selfishness). It was at that critical point in our history that the Lord manifested as the Messiah (Christ) on Earth. He raised a new church. But like its predecessors, after 2000 years, this Christian Church also degraded and was consummated due to false doctrines (the teaching of faith without Love, and God as three persons). This is why we are still being influenced by the false thoughts and evil urges of our past. But, within the Bible, we are also told that the Lord will come again and raise a new church called “the New Jerusalem.” This time, He will come in the clouds riding upon a white horse. Translated, this means that He will establish this new church by enlightening our mind through an understanding of the Word. And He will restore our will through spiritual temptations. Although this new church will only be fully established in the future, it is nevertheless presently influencing our mind and heart through Heavenly Love and Truth and teaching us Heavenly Wisdom through the doctrines of the New Jerusalem.

I have spoken to angels about the memory of things of the past and about consequent anxiety concerning things of the future, and I have been informed that the more interior and perfect angels are the less do they care about things of the past or think about those of the future, and that this is also the origin of their happiness. They have said that the Lord provides them every moment with what to think, accompanied by blessing and happiness, and that this being so they have no cares and no worries. This also is what is meant in the internal sense by the manna being received ‘day by day’ from heaven, and by the ‘daily [provision] of bread’ in the Lord’s Prayer, as well as by the statement that they must not worry about what they are to eat and drink, or what clothes they are to put on. But although angels have no care about things of the past and are not worried about those of the future they nevertheless have a most perfect recollection of things of the past and a most perfect insight into those of the future, because their entire present includes both the past and future within it. Thus they possess a more perfect memory than can possibly be imagined or put into words. Emanuel Swedenborg [AC 2493]

As the Divine Infinite is not of space, so neither is the eternal of time. That a kind of idea of the infinite, and an idea of the Divine eternal is insinuated into the angels by the Lord, appears from this, that they know not what space is, for those who are in the extreme of the universe are present in a moment: and as to the eternal, that they have no idea of things past and future, but the past and future are in their present, concerning which many more things might be said: neither is there in their idea anything of old age or of death, but only of life; wherefore they have no notion of time, but in all their present everything is as eternal. Emanuel Swedenborg [SE 3973]