You may have heard from the scientific world that everything in the universe is made of waves. In fact, physicists have discovered that physical particles are essentially wave functions in a unified field of interaction. It would therefore be useful to discover what a wave really is.

Another definition of a wave is vibration. And vibration consists of two essential actions: expansion and contraction. A circle is also a wave because it curves up and then it curves down. And this action repeats forever. When a one-dimensional infinite line is curved into the second dimension, it becomes a two dimensional finite circle that keeps moving around its center or rotates. Planets also tend to rotate and revolve around gravitational centers. The mathematician, Leonard Euler was able to define a circle by means of sinusoidal waves, except that some of these waves are in another or imaginary dimension (i). If we imagine that the horizontal axis of the Real numbers represents matter and the vertical axis of Imaginary numbers represents spirit, then we can begin to understand how all living beings in the universe are reconciling matter and spirit.

What is this circle really doing? It is in fact reconciling the finite and the Infinite by curving into a second dimension. Thus, a circle or wave is the means by which the Infinite can create something that is both finite and yet connected to itself by the correspondence of dimensions. This circle or wave is kept connected to the Infinite by vibrating or expanding and contracting. When it expands, it is going to the Infinite and when it contracts, it is returning into itself. But, since its finite existence is dependent on the Infinite, it must periodically return to the Infinite.

Natural Light is an electromagnetic wave. Atoms, molecules and living beings are reflected waves in an ocean of Love. These waves are reflected images of the Infinite. Our own life is a wave. We are born from the higher-dimensional spiritual world and we return into the spiritual world. Our breathing is a wave; we inhale and we exhale. The beating of our heart is a wave. Our heart contracts and it expands. Our sleep and wakefulness is a wave. Thus, although we may not realize it, we are periodically and eternally returning to God (the Infinite). This is what keeps us alive because God (the Infinite) is the One and only source of Life in the universe.

Now, we may know by now that everything is connected to the Infinite by Divine Love. But how does Divine Love accomplish this? Love connects every thing to the Infinite because it is an infinite wave. Divine Love is the only wave that is infinite in the universe because it is the substance of God. And this substance is the only self-existent substance in the universe because it eternally returns into itself (or the Infinite). All other substances are derived from Love by correspondence and influx.


The whole universe is essentially a unified field of waves. And the being of every creature is essentially a wave-function of standing waves. When we interact with others, the waves of our own being interfere with all other waves in the universe. Now, the character of this interference is dependent upon the quality of our intentions. When our intentions are pure or unselfish, the waves of our being are able to interfere constructively with other waves and return to God by fractally imploding into the harmonic vortex of Divine Love. This is how we experience real or Heavenly joy.

However, when we intend and act from selfishness, the waves of our being are not able to fractally implode into the vortex of harmonic Love; instead, they are scattered into the distorted fields of hell. And, some of us who have become depraved actually experience an infernal delight from such selfish behavior. But this selfish delight is always linked to a feeling of isolation, bondage and suffering.

Therefore, so that I would not be held captive in those very last and most finite things, there was given me by the Lord a notion of forms that transcend geometric forms. For geometry terminates in a circle, and in curves that relate to a circle, which are only earthly, not even including the lowest atmospheric, not even aqueous forms. From those lowest or earthly forms, through removals of imperfections, such as those causing gravity, rest, cold, and so on, it was granted me to perceive in a most general way forms that did not labor with such imperfections.

Now there still remained forms that labored less, and some still less – so that there were finally forms in which one could find no trace of anything but a center in every point, so that it consisted of only center – seven all the peripheries of the circle, whose points all were nevertheless centers, and from the centers all looked to the same end.

Therefore when the lowest form had been removed in which those boundaries stood, symbolizing the boundaries of space and of time, I finally saw myself transferred into forms almost de-void of boundaries, thus devoid of spaces and times. Yet all these forms are nevertheless finite, because an idea of them can be conceived through a certain removal of those things that are more finite, but they still remain finite. So all those forms are still within nature and are devoid of life; so also, as long as the mind sticks or is kept in those forms, it is still obviously without life; while the things within or above them, are living, from the Lord, but nevertheless organic, because they have nothing of life in themselves, just as the forms within nature.

One can never, therefore, by some kind of removal, have any conception of the forms within the earthly ones, as I now realize, having written about forms on this page [3482] that within the most subtle ones of nature there are spiritual forms, completely beyond understanding. 1748, 5 Oct. Emanuel Swedenborg [SE 3484]

Because I have been living – constantly, for nine years now – in company with spirits and angels, I have been able to take careful note of the nature of influx. When I have been thinking, the material ideas in my thought have presented themselves so to speak in the middle of a wave-like motion. I have noticed that the wave was made up of nothing other than such ideas as had become attached to the particular matter in my memory that I was thinking about, and that a person’s entire thought is seen by spirits in this way. But nothing else enters that person’s awareness then apart from what is in the middle which has presented itself as a material idea. I have likened that wave round about to spiritual wings which serve to raise the particular matter the person is thinking about up out of his memory. And in this way the person becomes aware of that matter. The surrounding material in which the wave-like motion takes place contained countless things that harmonized with the matter I was thinking about. This was made clear to me by the fact that from those things spirits living in a more perfect sphere knew everything I had ever learned on that particular subject. It accordingly showed me that spirits take in and absorb everything a Person knows, while genii, who are interested solely in his desires and affections, do the same to all aspects of his loves.

[2] Let the following example illustrate the point. Whenever I have thought about a person I knew, an image of that person, like that which comes to anyone s mind when his name is mentioned, presented itself in the middle. But round about the image of him – looking like the wings of a bird that are moving up and down – there was everything I had known and thought since childhood regarding that person. Consequently the entire character of that person as it existed in my thought and affection presented itself to spirits in an instant. The like has also happened whenever I have thought about any city. From the sphere round about moving like a wave spirits knew in an instant everything I had ever seen in it or known about it. The same thing has applied to my scientific knowledge. Emanuel Swedenborg [ AC 6200]

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