KADESH den. truths, and contentions about truths. 1678.
KADMONITE. Falses to be expelled from the Lord’s kingdom. 1867.
KALAH s. false doctrinals of life generated between falses of reasoning and of lust. 1190.
KALUCH s. varieties of worship. 1180-3.
KAPHTOR den. vastation of the church. 9340.
KAPHTORIM s. scientific or external rituals of worship. 1193-5.
KASLUHIM s. external rituals of worship. 1193-6.
KEDAR, or ARABIA s. spiritual good. 3268. K. den. those of the Gentiles, who are in simple truth; the same is s. by A. 3268. K. s. the knowledges of good. A. E. 734.
KEDEMAH rep. things of the spiritual church among the Gentiles. 3268.
KEDORLAOMER s. apparent goods and truths. 1667.
KEEP, to, THE COMMANDMENTS (Rev. xiv. 12) s. to live according to the precepts, of which the decalogue contains a summary. A. R. 638.
KEEP, to, THE GARMENTS (Rev. xvi. 15) s. to persist in truths, and a life conformable to them to the end of life. A. R. 705. By them who k. the words of this book (Rev. xxii. 9) are s. they who k. and do the precepts of that doctrine, which are now manifested by the Lord. A. R. 946.
KEEPER, to be a, (Gen. iv. 9) s. to serve, as is the case with k. of a gate, and the k. of the porch in the Jewish church ; faith is called the k. of charity from this circumstance, of its being subservient thereto; but according to the principles of the doctrine called Cain, faith was to have dominion. 372.
KEMUEL den. various religious principles and worship. 2864.
KENAN, or CAINAN, s. a fourth church after Enos. 500.
KENITE, KENIZZITE, and the KADMONITE (Gen. xv. 19), s. falses, which are to be expelled from the kingdom of the Lord. 1867.
KESED den. various religious principles and worship. 2864.
KESIA den. inmosts of divine good. 10.258.
KESIB (Gen. xxxviii. 5) s. a state of the idolatrous principle s. by Shelah, in which the Jewish nation was. 4827.
KESITHAE (Gen. xxxiii. 19), which were money, s. interior truths. 4400.
KETURAH (Gen. xxv. 1) s. divine truth spiritual, conjoined to divine good spiritual. 3236, 3243.
KEY den. power. 9410. The k. which opened the bottomless pit (Rev. ix.) s. communication and conjunction with the hells by falses, into which the truths of the Word were turned by those who falsified them, by applying them to evils of life, and to the principal falses thence received. A. E. 536.
KEY OF DAVID (Rev. iii. 7) s. the Lord’s omnipotence over heaven and hell; and the same that is here s. by the k. of D., is s. by the keys of Peter. (Matt, xviii. 18.) A. R. 174.
KEYS OF HELL and OF DEATH. (Rev. i. 18.) By k. is s. the power of opening and shutting, in this instance the power of opening hell, that man may be brought forth, and of shutting it, lest he should enter it again; for man is born to evils of all kinds, consequently, in hell, for evils are hell; he is brought out of it by the Lord, who has power to open it. A. R. 62.
KIBROTH HATTAAVAH, or the graves of concupiscence (Num. xi. 34), was a name given to the place where the children of Israel were smitten with plagues, on account of their natural and sensual disposition. A. E. 513.
KICK, to. The state of the Jews as to intellectual truth, rep. by a horse kicking. 6212.
KID s. the truth of the church. A. R. 572. Also, innocence and charity. A k. (Isa. xi. 6) s. the genuine truth of the church. A. R. 572. A k. (Isa. xi. 6) s. the good of interior innocence. 10.132. K. (Isa. xi. 6) s. charity. A. E. 780. ” Thou shalt not seethe a k. in his mother’s milk” (Exod. xxiii. 19), s. that the good of the innocence of a posterior state, is not to be conjoined with the truth of the innocence of a prior state. This is a celestial arcanum, from which that law proceeded. 9301. K. of the goats s. the innocence of the external or natural man; thus the truth and good thereof. 3519. K. of the goats (Gen. xxvii. 16) s. truths of domestic good. 3540.
KIDNEYS (Exod. xxix. 13) s. interior truths, or truths exploring, purifying, and correcting. 10.032. They who constitute the province of the k., of the ureters, and of the bladder, in the grand man, are of such a genius and temper, that they desire nothing more ardently than to explore and scrutinize the quality of others, and there are some also who desire to chastise, and punish, provided there be any thing of justice in the case. 5381. See Reins, bladder.
KILL, to. To destroy the souls of men. A. R, 325. To k. (Gen. xxvii. 42) s. to deprive of self-derived life. 3610. To k. her sons with death (Rev. ii. 23) s. to turn truths into falses, for by that means they perish; also to condemn their falses. A. R. 139. To k. (Rev. vi. 4) s. intestine hatreds, infestations from the hells, and internal restlessness. A. R. 307. To k. (Rev. 5x. 5) s. to take away from those who are in the faith of charity, the faculty of understanding, and willing what is true and good, for when this faculty is taken away, man is spiritually killed. A. R. 427. By killing and being killed (Rev. xiii. 10) is s. to destroy and be destroyed, or to ruin and perish, which is effected by falses. A. R. 592.
KILN den. worship derived from falses. 1296.
KINDLES, all evil which does not appear itself, is like firewood under ashes. D. P. 278.
KINE, in the genuine sense, s. truths in the interior natural principle, but in the opp. sense, falses there. 5268. K. s. good natural affections; the lowing of the k. in the way (1 Sam. v. 6) s. the difficult conversion of the concupiscences of evil in the natural man into good affections; and the offering the k., with a cart, as a burnt offering, s. that the Lord was thus propitiated. D. P. 326. See Cow.
KING. It was sacrilege to hurt a k., because he was the anointed of Jehovah. (See 1 Sam. xxiv. 7, 11; xxvi. 9 ; 2 Sam. i. 16,19, 22.) A. R. 779. The regulation concerning a k. (Deut. xvii. 14-18) implies, that the Jews should choose genuine truth originating in good, and not spurious, and that they should not defile it by reasonings and scientifics. 2015. K., in an opp. sense, s. one who is in falses from concupiscence of evil, and abstractedly that false itself. A. R. 440. K. den. truth itself, and prince a principal truth. A. R. 548.
KING in his BEAUTY, to see the (Isa. xxxiii. 17), s. genuine truth, which is from the Lord alone; and ” to behold the land of far distances” s. the extension of intelligence and wisdom. A. E. 304.
KING OF ASSYRIA (Isa. viii. 7) s. fantasies. 705.
KING OF JUDAH s. the spiritual principle of the church. A. E. 706.
KING of the NORTH and KING of the SOUTH. (Dan. xi. 1, to the end.) By the k. of the n. is s. the kingdom or church of those who are in falses; and by k. of the s. is s. the kingdom or church of those who are in truths; for it is a prophecy respecting the churches to come, shewing what the nature of them will be in their beginning, and what afterwards. A. R. 720.
KING of SAINTS s. divine truth in heaven and in the church from the Lord. A. R. 664.
KING and COUNSELLOR. (Micah i. 9.) K. s. the truth of doctrine from the Word, and c., understanding thence. A. E. 721.
KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS. The Lord, with respect to his divine human is called K. of k. and L. of l.; and he is called K. from divine truth, and L. from divine good; and this also is meant by kingdom and dominion, where it treats concerning him. A. R. 743.
KING, QUEEN, DAUGHTERS, and VIRGINS. (Ps. xlv. 10-16.) By the k., in this passage, is meant the Lord; by the q., the church as a wife; and by d. and v., the affections of goodness and truth. A. R. 620.
KING and RULER, or GOVERNOR. (Ps. cv. 20.) The Lord is called k. in the W., from divine truth, and g., from divine good. A. E. 448.
KINGDOM, animal. The forms of the a. k. which are called in one word animals, are all in accordance with the flux of spiritual substances and forces; the only difference being in the forms into which the influx is received. A. Cr. 93.
KINGDOM, mineral, the, is merely the storehouse in which are contained the substances which compose the forms of the animal and vegetable kingdoms. A. Cr. 96.
KINGDOM, vegetable. The vegetative soul is in the effort to produce a vegetable from seed, to new seeds, and so on to infinity ; for there is in every vegetable an idea, as it were, of the infinite. A. Cr. 92.
KING’S DAUGHTER s. the love of truth. 3703. K. d. (Ps. xlv. 13) s. the Lord’s spiritual kingdom. 5044.
KING’S SON (Ps. lxxii. 1) s. the celestial man. 337. K. s. and kings s. those who are in wisdom from the Lord. A. R. 20.
KINGS s. those who are in truths originating in good from the Lord, and in the opp. sense, those who are in falses originating in evil, or abstractedly, such truths or falses. A. R. 20, 700, 921. K. are pred. of peoples, but not of nations. 1672. The two k. (Isa. vii. 16) s. the truth of the Word in its internal sense, and the truth of the Word in its external sense. A. E. 304. K. who should come forth of Abraham (Gen. xvii. 6) s. celestial truths, which flow in from the divine good of the Lord; and k. of people who should be of Sarah (ver. 16) s. spiritual truths, which flow in from the divine truth of the Lord. 2069. K. of antiquity (Isa. xix. 11-13) s. the truths of tlie ancient church. 5044. K. of the earth and rulers (Ps. ii. 2) s. the falses and evils of the church. A. E. 684.
KINGDOM of GOD, in its universal sense, means the universal heaven : and in a sense less universal, the true church of the Lord; and in a particular sense, every particular person of a true faith, or who is regenerate by the life of faith. 29. The k. of G. s. both heaven and the church, for the k. of G. on the earth is the church. U. T. 572.
KINGDOM of and WILL of GOD. (Matt, vi.) When all things appertaining to love and faith, which things are of God, or of the Lord, and are from him, are accounted holy, the k. of G. comes, and his will is done in the earths, as in the heavens. 2009.
KINGDOMS, the, of this WORLD, are become the k. of our Lord, and of his Christ (Rev. vi. 15) s. that heaven and the church, are become the Lord’s, etc. A. R. 520.
KIRIATHAIM. Those who adulterate goodness and extinguish truths. 2468.
KIR den. those who possess the knowledges of good and truth, but pervert them. 9340.
KIRHERES s. external worship defiled. 3468.
KIRJATH-ARBA (Gen. xxiii. 2) s. the church as to truth. 2909.
KISS, to, s. unition, or conjunction from affection. 3574. To k. (Gen. xxix. 13) s. initiation. 3808. To k. s. conjunction and acknowledgment. 4215.
KITES, MAGPIES, PEACOCKS, QUAILS, etc., are seen in the spiritual world, and derive their existence from the affections of spirits. Exp. A. Cr. 89.
KITTHIM. Doctrinals respecting ritual observances. 1156,
KNEADING TROUGHS (Exod. vii. 3) s. the pleasantnesses of lusts in the natural principle ; the same is s. by ovens in a bad sense. 7356. To k. dough, s. to fabricate doctrine from cupidities, and according to them. A. E. 555.
KNEE s. the conjunction of natural good with spiritual good. Bending the k. s. acknowledgment, thanksgiving, and adoration, from spiritual good in the natural man. A. E. 455. K. (Gen. xxx. 5) s. conjugial love. 8915. The k. (Isa. lxvi. 12) s. celestial love. A. E. 365. K. (Ezek. vii. 17) s. the love of good. A. E. 677.
KNIFE used for sacrifices, den. the truth of faith. 2799.
KNIVES of FLINTS (Josh. v. 2, 3, 9) s. truths whereby evils may be corrected. 2039. The knife used for sacrifices den. the truth of faith. 2799.
KNOCK, to. ” Behold I stand at the door and knock ” (Rev. iii. 20), s. the perpetual presence, and operation of the Lord with man. A. E. 248.
KNOW, to. When pred. of God, s. foresight and providence, for it cannot be said of God, that he knows, inasmuch as from himself he knows all things; and the faculty of knowing appertains to man from him, wherefore to k. is in God to foresee and to provide; to foresee, is to k. from eternity to eternity, and to provide is to do it. 5309. By no one knowing the written name but himself (Rev. xix. 12), is s. that no one sees but the Lord himself, and they to whom he reveals it, what the Word is in its spiritual sense. A. R. 824. By Cain’s knowing his wife, and her conceiving and bearing Enoch (Gen. iv. 17), is s. that this schism or heresy, produced another from itself. 400.
KNOWN, to make, is to teach. 8695.
KNOWN, to be. From good evil is k., and from truth falsity. From heaven is k. every thing in hell. A. Cr. 110.
KNOWLEDGE of the LORD, the, is the universal of all things of doctrine, and thence of all things of the church; from it all worship derives its life and soul, for the Lord is all in all in heaven and the church, and hence all in all in worship. A. R. 916.
KNOWLEDGES are the things which open the way to behold things celestial and spiritual; by k. the way is opened for the internal man to the external, in which are the recipient vessels, which are as many in number as are the k. of goodness and truth; into these as into their vessels celestial things enter by influx. 1458. Faith and the consequent presence of the Lord is given by means of k. of truths derived from the Word, especially concerning the Lord himself there, but love and consequent conjunction is given by a life according to his commandments. A. R. 937. K. of what is true and good out of the Word, when there is in them the spiritual principle out of heaven from the Lord, are not called k. but truths; but if there is not in them any spirituality, out of heaven from the Lord, they are nothing but scientifics. A. R. 900.
KOR, or HOMER den. a sufficient quantity, or as much as can be received. 8468.
KORAH, DATHAN, and ABIRAM s. damnation. 8306.
KORAN. The Mahometan, after evils are removed, sees truths from the k. A. Cr. 73.
KORHITES, the families of the (Exod. vi. 24), s. the quality of goods and truths. 7230.
KUSH s. love and faith. A. C. 117.