QUAILS, selav (Exod. xvi. 13), s. natural delight productive of good, because a q. was a bird of the sea, which s. the natural principle, and its flesh, which was desired, delight. Q. (Num. xi. 31, 32) s. the delight of concupiscence. 8452.
QUAKER. They who are instructed by influx what they should believe, are not instructed by the Lord, or any angel, but by some Q. spirit,
A. Cr. 74.
QUALITY s. whatsoever is in a thing as an “inward principle. 3935.
QUANTITY. Pred. of good and truth. 8454.
QUARTERS. In heaven, as in the world, there are four q., east, west, south, and north, both determined by its own sun : in heaven by the sun of heaven, which is the Lord, in the world, by the sun of the world; but still with much difference between them. H. and H. 141. The four q. in the spiritual world are determined by the sun, which is the Lord, and where the sun is there in the east, the opp. to which is the west, to the right hand is the south, and to the left hand is the north. A. E. 422. H. and H. 116, 125, 141. The q. in the heavens which constitute the celestial kingdom of the Lord, differ from the q. in the heavens which constitute its spiritual kingdom, because the Lord appears to the angels who are in his celestial kingdom as the sun, but to the angels who are in his spiritual kingdom, as the moon; and the east is where the Lord appears: the distance between the sun and the moon there, is thirty degrees, consequently, there is the like distance of the q. H. and H. 146. A. E. 422. In the two q. of the spiritual world called east and west, the Lord flows in with divine good stronger than with divine truth, and in the southern and northern q., he flows in with divine truth stronger than with divine good, from whence these are more in wisdom and intelligence, but the others more in love and charity. A. E. 418. The Lord is the sun of the spiritual world, and in front of him are the east and west, and on the sides are the south and north. The angels who dwell in the east and west of heaven are in the good of love; and the angels who dwell in the south and north of heaven are in the truths of wisdom. It is the same with the church on earth, for every man who is in the goods and truths of the church der. from the Word, is consociated with the angels of heaven, and, as to the interiors of his mind, dwells with them. A. R. 90G. H. and H. 148.
QUEEN (Ps. xlv.) s. the church as a wife. A. R. 620.
QUEEN of the HEAVENS (Jer. xliv. 17-19) s. falses in the whole complex. A. E. 324. A. C. 4581.
QUEEN of SHEBA, the (1 Kings x. 1-3), s. the celestial things of faith. 117. The q. of S. coming to Solomon to Jerusalem with exceeding great riches, with camels carrying spices, gold, and precious stones (1 Kings x. 1, 2), rep. the wisdom and intelligence which was added to the Lord in his natural man. 3048.
QUENCH, to, the SMOKING FLAX. den. the extinction of cupidities. 25.
QUESTION. It frequently occurs in the Word, that men are questioned of the Lord, concerning their states, but the reason is, because it is agreeable to man’s belief, who imagines that no one is acquainted with his thoughts, much less with the state of his affections; a further reason is, that men may hence der. comfort, being enabled to lay open the sensations of the mind, which is commonly attended with a relief from trouble. 1913, 2693.
QUICKLY s. certain and full, because time s. state and thence q. and speedily, a present state of affection and thought, thus what is certain and full. A. E. 216. A. R. 914.
QUIESCENCE of EVIL in the EXTERNAL MAN. The e. which is in the e. m. is incapable of being separated in the case of any man except of the Lord, for whatever a man has once acquired, remains; nevertheless, it seems to be separated, when it is quiescent or at rest, for thus it appears as if it was annihilated ; nor, is it thus quiescent, so as to appear annihilated, except from the Lord and when it is thus quiescent, then first good things flow in from the Lord, and affect the e. m. Such is the state of the angels; they know no other than that evil is separated from them, whereas it is only a detention from evil, and thus its q., so that it appears annihilated, consequently, it is an appearance, which the angels also know when they reflect. 1581.
QUILLS, or FEATHERS (of yellow gold) (Ps. lxviii, 14), s. spiritual good, from which truth is der. A. E. 283.
QUINTATE, to, the LAND, or to TAKE A FIFTH PART (Gen. xli. 34) s. the like with decimating [tithing or taking a tenth], which in the Word s. to make remains, and to make remains is to gather truths and goods, and afterwards to store them up. 5291.
QUIVER (Isa. xlix. 2) s. the Word. A. E. 357. Q. s. the doctrinals of good and truth. 3499. See Arrow.