O, in the angelic language, is a vowel used among the angels of the third heaven, to express a sound corresponding with affection. S. S. 90. U. T. 278.
OAK s. the sensual good and truth of the church, and consequently, the lowest of the natural principle; therefore either the truths and goods, or the falses and evils that are therein. U. T. 200. O. (Isa. i. 30) s. the natural man, and its leaves the scientifics and knowledges of truth in him. A. E. 504. “To hide under an o.” (Gen. xxxv. 4), s. eternal rejection. 4552.
OAK GROVES OF MAMRE (Gen. xiii. 18) s. more interior perception than that which is s. by the o. g. Moreh. 1616. O. g. of M. (Gen. xviii. 1) rep. and s. perceptions, but such as are human grounded in sci-entifics, and in the first rational principles thence deduced. 2144.
OAK GROVE OF MOREH (Gen. xii. 6) s. the first or earliest of the Lord’s perception. 1442.
OARS and BENCHES. (Ezek. xxvii. C.) 0. s. those things which are of the sensual man by which the understanding speaks; and a bench or board s. that which is rational from which the understanding is led. This also is signified by ebony, mentioned in the same passage. A. E. 1146. See Rowers.
OATH, OR SWEARING, s. confirmation and conjunction. 2720, 3459. Also a covenant. 1096. After the rep. rites of the church were abolished, oaths, as used in covenant, were also abolished by the Lord. A. R. 474.
OBADIAH, the prophet, treats in general of those who are in self-derived intelligence and who pervert the letter of the Word, whereby the church perishes, and a new church to be raised up instead thereof, which should be in the understanding of truth, and that they who are therein shall be saved. S. E. L. P.
OBAL (Gen. x. 28) s. a ritual of the church called Eber. 1245.
OBDURACY s. confirmation against the goods and truths of the Word, A. E. 653.
OBED-EDOM, the GITTITE (2 Sam. vi. 10), rep. those who were in spiritual good. A. E. 700.
OBEDIENCE of the PHILISTINES. (Isa. xi. 14.) The sons of Ammon, were so called, because they are tainted with false principles derived from them. 2468.
OBJECT. Exp. D. L. W. 70, 293.
OBLATION of INCENSE and VANITY. (Isa. xvi. 3.) O. of i. is worship from spiritual good, and v. is evil and the false of evil. A. E. 340.
OBLIVION. (Gen. xli. 30.) To give to o. den. removal and hence apparent privation. 5278.
OBOLI has reference to remains of good and truth. 2959.
OBSCURE. Man in the body is o., compared with his interior life, that myriads of perceptions merge in one. 2367.
OBSERVE, to, s. things to be kept 3382. Also, the intention of perverting. A. E. 780.
OBSERVANCES. Things to be observed have reference to the whole contents of the Word in general; precepts, to all its internals; statutes, to its externals; and laws, to all in particular. 3382.
OBSESSION is when natural and corporeal spirits enter into man’s body, and occupy all his senses, and speak through his mouth, and act by his members, then not knowing but that all things appertaining to the man are theirs. Such o., however, are not given at this day. H. and H. 257. B455ut there are internal o., occasioned by certain spirits called syrens, who study to destroy conscience and possess the interiors of men, although man is ignorant of it. 1083.
OBSTINATE and OBDURACY have relation to those who are principled in the falses of evil. 7272.
OBSTIPATIONS of the BRAIN. Those cor. thereto who have no end of use, only that they may enjoy the company of their friends and mistresses and the pleasures thence resulting, thus who live in self-indulgence alone. Their sphere induces stupidity, and extinguishes in others the affections of truth and good. 4054.
OBSTRUCTION of the interior vessels by evil, as the cause of disease. 5718.
OCCIPUT. Des. of dangerous and clandestine spirits who act under the o. 4227.
OCCULT, or SECRET. There is nothing that man does in s., but becomes manifest in the other life, because it forms his sphere. 7454.
OCCULTATION of good and truth. Exp. 5962.
OCEAN, or SEA. Waters den. knowledges and scientifics; s., their collection, or gathering together in the natural man. 27.
OCHIM and ZIM. Interior things of worship appertaining to self-love 1326.
ODIUM, or HATRED, is aversion and spiritual antipathy. 5061. H. actually cherished make hell. 1608.
ODOR. When the celestial angels attend the dead body of a deceased person, who is to be resuscitated, the smell of the dead body is changed into an aromatic o., on perceiving which, the evil spirits cannot approach. 1518. Fragrant o. which exist in heaven cor. to affections of charity and perceptions of faith. A. R. 278. O. cor. with spheres. 1514. O. of spheres of charity and faith are perceived in another life like those of flowers, lilies, and spices of divers kinds, with an infinite variety. 1519. The infernal spirits are delighted with the most filthy o. 5387. H. and H. 485, 490.
ODOR of REST (Gen. viii. 21), when spoken of Jehovah s. the perception of peace. 925.
OFFENCE. The doctrine of the Lord is an o. to many who apparently believe it. Exp. 2034.
OFFERINGS s. worship. 349.
OFFERINGS and the FIRST FRUITS of OBLATIONS with HOLY THINGS (Ezek. xx. 40) s. works sanctified by charity from the Lord. 349.
OFFICER den. doctrines or principles of interpretation. 4790.
OFFICERS s. principles of what is false and evil. A. E. 863.
OFFICES, or USES, are goods, because the good of charity consists in use. 6073.
OFFSPRING (Isa. lxv. 23) s. those who are principled in the good of love. 613. The spiritual o. which have birth from the Lord’s marriage with the church are truths and goods; truths, from which are derived understanding, perception, and all thought, and goods from which are derived love, charity, and all affection. C. S. L. 121.
OG, king of Bashan, s. in evils of every kind. A. E. 163.
OHALIM, TABERNACLES, s. the holy principle of good. 4391.
OHOLA s. truths falsified. A. E. 355.
OIL s. the holy principle of good, or the good of love. 3728. 0. s. celestial good and spiritual good. O. of unction, the good of love to the Lord from the Lord, and the o. of the lamps, the good of charity from the Lord towards our neighbor. A. E. 375. A. C. 10.201. Setting up a statue of stone, and pouring o. upon it (Gen. xxxv. 14,15), rep. the progress of the glorification of the Lord and the regeneration of man from truth to celestial good. 4582. See To Anoint, Olive, Press.
OIL and WINE s. the good and truth of the internal or spiritual sense of the Word. A. E. 375.
OIL, and WINE, and WHEAT, and BARLEY. See Goods and Truths.
OINTMENT s. celestial good and spiritual good, or the good of love to the Lord and the good of charity to the neighbor. A. E. 375.
OLD. To grow o., when prod, of the Lord (Gen. xviii. 10, 12) s. to put off the human. 2204. To be o. (Gen. xxvii. 1) s. the presence of a new state. 3492. See Days of Old.
OLD AGE, in the Word, implies nothing else but the last time. 2198.
OLD ESTATES (Ezek. xxvi. 11) s. the most ancient church after the flood. 55.
OLD MAN, in the Word, s. a wise man, and in the abstract, wisdom. H. and H. 178.
OLD MEN and WOMEN. O. m. s. confirmed truths, and o. w., confirmed goods. 2318. See Boys, Decrepit Old Men and Women.
OLD TESTAMENT. That the Word of the O. T. contains the mysteries of heaven, and that all and every thing therein regards the Lord, his Heaven, the church, faith, and whatever relates to faith is inconceivable from the letter; for the letter or literal sense suggests only such things as respect the externals of the Jewish church, when nevertheless there are internal things contained therein which do not in the least, appear in those externals, except in a very few cases, which the Lord revealed and unfolded to the apostles; as that sacrifices are significative of the Lord; that the land of Canaan and Jerusalem are significative of heaven, on which account, we read of the heavenly Canaan and Jerusalem; and in like manner of Paradise. 1. The reason why interior truths are so rarely extant in the literal sense thereof, is because the Jews, who were not willing to know them, would thereby have profaned interior goods and truths, as they had profaned exterior, by their so often becoming open idolaters. 3373.
OLD WASTE PLACES and the FOUNDATIONS of GENERATION and GENERATION. (Isa. lxviii. 12.) O. w. p.s. the celestial things of faith and the f. of g. and g., the spiritual things thereof. 613.
OLIVE (Isa. xvii. 6) s. celestial remains. 886. O. s. love and charity, because the o. tree s. the celestial church, and thence the o., which is its fruit, s. celestial love, which love is love to the Lord; thence it is, that this love is also s. by the oil wherewith all the holy things of the church were anointed; the oil which was called the oil of holiness, was produced from O., and mixed with aromatics (Exod. xix. 23, 24), and moreover, the lamps of the candlestick in the tabernacle were made to burn every evening with o. oil. (Exod. xxvii. 20 ; Lev. xxiv. 2.) A. R. 403.
OLIVE LEAF PLUCKED OFF in the DOVE’S MOUTH (Gen. viii. 11) s. some little of the truth of faith : leaf is faith, and olive, the good of charity; plucked off s. that the truth of faith is from the good of charity as its origin. 879.
OLIVE TREE. Shaking of an o. t. (Isa. xxiv. 13) s. the vastation of the church as to good. A. E. 313. The oil tree s. the perception of good and truth celestial. A. E. 403.
OLIVE TREES, two, and Two SONS of OIL. (Zech. iv. 11,14.) The two o. t. s. the two churches called celestial and spiritual, and the t. s. of o., their doctrinal truths. A. E. 724.
OLIVE YARDS (Amos iv. 12) s. the celestial things of the church. 1069.
OLIVES s. good. A. E. 340. See Plants of Olives.
OLIVET, Mount, s. the celestial church, or celestial good which is of love towards the Lord. Also divine love. 9277. A. R. 493.
OMEGA and ALPHA s. the Lord’s divinity and infinity. A. R. 29.
OMER, an, s. a sufficient quantity, and has respect to good. 8540. O. and half an o. (Hosea iii. 2) s. so little as to be scarce any thing. A. E. 374.
OMIT. T’hey who o. to think of evil, are continually in it. D. P. 101.
OMNIPOTENCE of GOD, the, in the universe, and in all its parts, proceeds and operates according to the laws of its own order. U. T. 56,58.
OMNIPOTENCE and OMNISCIENCE. O. is pred. of quantity in relation to magnitude, and omniscience of quantity in relation to multitude. O. is also pred. of infinite good of divine love, or of the divine will; but omniscience is pred. of infinite truth, or of the divine intelligence. 3934. O., omniscience, and omnipresence are the effect of the divine wisdom derived from the divine love. U. T. 50, 51.
OMNIPOTENT. The Lord is called o. (Rev. xix.) from the power of separating the good from the evil by the last judgment, and also from the power of saving those who receive him. A. E. 1217.
OMNIPRESENT. God is o. in all the gradations of his own order from first to last. U. T. 63, 64. The Lord is o. because he is in love and wisdom, or good and truth, which are himself, and which are not in place, but with those who are in place according to reception. A. R. 961.
OMNISCIENT. God is o., that is, perceives, sees, and knows all and every thing, even what is most minute, that is done according to order, and by that means also whatsoever is done contrary to order. U. T. 59, 62.
ON. The priest of O. den. good. 5332.
ONAN. (Gen. xxxviii.) By him is des. the evil which is derived from tne false of evil in which the Jewish nation was secondarily principled. 4837. O.’s trespass (Gen. xxxviii. G, 10) s. his aversion and hatred against the good and truth of the church, from whence he was not willing to continue the representation of it, which is understood by his not raising up seed to his brother; it is said, the Lord caused him also to die, by which is s. that there was no representation of a church. But it was the intention or end of evil which influenced the conduct of O., which was contrary to conjugial love and divine order. 483-1-4840.
ONCE in a year that expiation was to be made, den. perpetual purification from evils by the truths of faith. 10.209.
ONE, the number, is pred. concerning good, and indicates what is perfect. A. E.374.
ONE, a, in all cases, is composed, not of same principles, but of various principles in form, which constitute a o. according to the form. 4149. Every o. thing or principle consists of various things or principles, and this by celestial harmony and concord. 4263.
ONE HUNDRED s. a full state of unition. 2636.
ONE HUNDRED and FORTY-FOUR THOUSAND den. the state of all who are in charity. 7973.
ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY (10 x 12) s. remains of faith. 575.
ONIONS s. such things as are of the lowest natural. A. E. 513.
ONLY BEGOTTEN of the FATHER (John i. 14) s. the existing or proceeding from the divine esse in himself. A. E. 1069.
ONYCHA (Exod. xxx. 34) s. the affection of interior natural truth. 10.293.
ONYX STONES set in OUCHES of GOLD (Exod. xxviii. 11) s, that the good of love should enter by influx into the truth of faith. 115. See Bdellium.
OPEN, to (Rev. ix.), s. to communicate and conjoin. A. E. 537.
OPEN, to, the MOUTH (Rev. xii. 16) s. to adduce truths out of the Word. A. R. 564.
OPEN, to, and LOOSE the SEALS of the BOOK. (Rev. v. 3.) To o. s. to know, and to loose the seals of the book s. to perceive those things which to others were altogether concealed. A. E. 303. To o. or loose the seals (Rev. viii.) s. to explore states of life, or the states of the church, and thence of life. A. R. 388.
OPEN THE WOMB, to (Gen. xxx. 22), s. to give the faculty of conceiving and bringing forth, thus, in an internal sense, the faculty of receiving and acknowledging the goods of truth and the truths of good. 3967.
OPERATE, to, or work a thing into fashion, is to regenerate. 8329.
OPERATION. The o. of the Lord is upon man’s love, and from it upon his understanding. A. Cr. 5. O. by influx into vegetable and animal forms. D. L. W. 316. The o. and progression of the end by its means, is what is called Divine Providence. D. P. 331.
OPERATIONS. There are four common o. of heaven by influx into the body. Des. 3884.
OPERATORS, used in the sense of laborers, in the spiritual church. 1069.
OPHIR (Gen. x. 28) s. a ritual of the church called Eber. 1245. Gold of O. (Isa. xiii. 13 ; Ps. xlv.) s. spiritual good. 9881.
OPINION. To have one o. s. unanimity. A. E. 1071. Those who tenaciously adhere to an o. des. 806.
OPPOSITE. Most expressions in the Word have an o. sense, and this by reason that the same things which are doing in heaven, when they flow down into hell, are changed into things o., and actually become o. 1066, 3322, 5268. The things of the literal sense of the Word, in many cases appear o. to what is contained in the internal sense, when, yet, they are by no means o., but, entirely cor. 3425.
OPPOSITION. Heaven and hell are in mutual o. D. P. 300. Good is known as to its quality, by relation to what is less good, and by o. to evil. D. P. 24.
OPPRESSION s. destruction of truth by falses. A. E. 328.
OPPRESSORS, INFANTS, and WOMEN. (Isa. iii. 12.) O. s. those who violate truths; i., those who do not know them, and w. s. lusts which pervert them. A. E. 555.
OPPROBRIUM. Applied to what is against the religion of another. 4403.
OPULENCE, or RICHES, are so far good as spiritual good enters into the use of them. 3951. The rich, who have lived for themselves, without conscience or charity, are not tolerated in societies in the other life. 1631. In heaven o. originates in knowledge. A. Cr. 81. O., greater or less, is only something imaginary. D. P. 250.
OPULENT is pred. of truths. A. E. 644.
ORACLES. See Representatives.
ORB, or WOULD, s. the church. A. E. 275.
ORDER. The Lord is o. itself. 1728,1912. O. consists in celestial things bearing rule over spiritual, and spiritual over natural, and natural over corporeal. 911. Man was created a form of divine o. U. T. 65. Divine truths are the laws of o. 2247, 7995. Divine truth from the Lord constitutes o., and divine good is the essence of it. 1728, 2258. Essential o. requires that the celestial principle, by means of the spiritual, should insert itself into the rational, and thereby into the scientific, and adapt each to itself, and unless this o. be observed, it is impossible to acquire wisdom. 1475. So far as man lives according to o., so far he is a man ; but so far as he is not in such a life, so far does he appear as a monster. 4839, 6605, 6626. Both in heaven and in the world, are found two kinds or establishments of o., successive o., and simultaneous o.; in successive o., one thing succeeds and follows another, from what is highest to what is lowest; but in simultaneous o., one thing is next to another, from what is innermost to what is outermost. Successive o. is like a column with degrees from highest to lowest; but simultaneous o. is like a work whose centre and circumference have a regular coherence even to the extremest superfices. The highest parts of successive o. become the innermost of simultaneous o., and the lowest parts of successive o. become the outermost of simultaneous o., comparatively as a column of degrees, when it subsides becomes a coherent body in a plain. Thus, what is simultaneous is formed from what is successive, and this is the case in all and every thing in the natural world, and in all and everything in the spiritual world, for there is everywhere a first, a middle, and a last; and the first, by means of the middle, tends and proceeds to its last; but it should be well observed, that there are degrees of purity, according to which both these kinds of o. are established. U. T. 214.
ORDINANCES, in the prophets, s. changes relative to things spiritual and celestial, both in general and particular, which are also compared to the changes of days and of years. 37.
ORDINANCES of the MOON and of the STARS (Jer. xxxi. 35) s. all things which are in the natural man, and which are done according to order. A. E. 401.
ORDINANCES, PRECEPTS, STATUTES, AND LAWS. O. are all things of the Word in general; p. are the internal things thereof; s., the external things; and l., all things thereof in particular. 3382.
ORDINATION OF THE TWELVE TRIBES rep. the o. of the angelic societies in the heavens from whence it is, that they rep. all things of the church, for heaven and the church make one ; the rep. of heaven and the church fall according to the order in which they are named, and the first name, or the first tribe is an index by which those which follow are determined, and from thence the things of heaven and the church, with variety. A. E. 431.
ORGAN s. spiritual good. 419.
ORGANICAL FORMS are not only those which appear to the eye, and which can be discovered by microscopes, but there are also o. f. still purer, which cannot possibly be discovered by any eye, naked or artificial; these latter forms are of an interior kind, as the forms which are of the internal light, and finally those which are of the intellect, which latter are inscrutable, but still they are forms, that is, substances, for it is not possible for any sight, not even intellectual, to exist, but from something; this is also a known thing in the learned world; viz., that without substance which is a subject, there is not any mode or any modification, or any quality, which manifests itself actually; those purer or interior forms which are inscrutable, are what form and fix the internal senses, and also produce the interior affections; with those forms the interior heavens cor., because they cor. with the senses thereof, and with the affections of these senses. 4224.
ORGANICAL VESSELS. The external man cannot particularly and distinctly receive his life from the internal man, unless his o. v. be opened, so as to be receptive of the particular and singular things of the internal man; those o. v., which should be thus receptive, are not opened except by means of the senses, especially those of hearing and seeing, and in proportion as they are opened, the internal man, with its particulars and singulars, may enter in by influx; they are opened through the medium of the senses, by scientifics and knowledges, and also by pleasures and delights, the things of the understanding by the former, and the things of the will by the latter. 1503.
ORGANIZATION. They who deny God in the world, deny him after death, and the o. induced remains to eternity. D. P. 319, 326.
ORGANIZE. Every part of the brain is organized. These variations are infinitely more perfect in the organic things of the mind than of the body. D. f. 279.
ORIGIN, the, of kingdoms and empires, come from the lust of ruling, which entered like a contagion; hence arose degrees or dignities, and honors according to them. O. of the love of possessing wealth beyond the necessaries of life. D. P. 215.
ORIGIN of MAN. Des. D. L. W. 346.
ORIGINAL SIN. Not true as commonly understood, yet man is nothing but sin. 5280.
ORNAMENT den. holy truth, also what is divine in externals. 10.536. O. for the nose and bracelets for the hands were given to a bride; the o. on the nose s. good, and the bracelets on the hands truth, because those things constitute the church. 3103. See Beauty.
ORPHANS s. those who are in a state of innocence and charity, and desire to know and to do what is good but are not able. 3703.
OUTER DARKNESS (Matt. viii. 12, etc.) den. the more dreadful falsities in which they are immersed who are in the church, for such persons darken the light, and cause an opposition of falsities against truths which the Gentiles cannot do. 1839.
OUTER and INNER BARK. How vegetation is produced. D. L. W. 341.
OUTERMOST. Graduated order, from innermost to o. 2973.
OUTMOST. There is a perpetual connection of the o. with the inmost. Ill. D. P. 180.
OVEN (Mal. iii. 19) s. hell, where they are who confirm themselves in false doctrines and in evils of life from earthly and corporeal loves. A. E. 540. O. (Exod. vii. 3) s. exterior goods, which are in the natural principle, and are commonly called pleasant. 7356. See Kneading Troughs.
OVER, or UPON, in the Word, s. within, for, that which is supreme in successive order, becomes inmost in simultaneous order, wherefore the third heaven is called as well the supreme as the inmost heaven. A. R. 900.
OVERCOME. To o. s. to receive in heart. A. E. 109. To o. s. to conquer in temptations, and to remain in a state of faith der. from charity. 146, 253.
OVERFLOW, to (Dan. xi. 40), s. to immerse in falses and evils. A. E. 355.
OVERFLOWING STREAM (Jer. xlvii. 2) s. the false principle. 2240.
OVERTAKE den. communication and influx. 8155.
OVERTHROW of GOD, the (Jer. 1. 35, 40), s. damnation. 2200.
OVERTURNED s. to punish. A. E. 411.
OVUM, or EGG. A man who is born again passes through a succession of ages like an egg. 4378, 1815.
OWL s. the falsification of truth. A. R. 566. By the o., and by the demon of the wood, or satyr, are s. corporeal and merely natural concupiscences. A. E. 586. Daughter of the o., falsities or falsified truths. 586.
OX, young. The son of a cow s. the celestial natural principle, also natural exterior good. 2184, 4244. See Lion.
OXEN, or CALVES, s. the affections of the natural mind. 2180, 10.407. O. (Exod. ix. 3) s. exterior natural good. 7503. O. and cattle (Isa. vii. 25) s. natural good and spiritual good. A. E. 617. O. and cows s. natural goodnesses. 2179. Five yoke of o. (Luke xiv. 19) s. all those natural affections, or lusts, which lead away from heaven. A. E. 548. Young o. and rams s. things spiritual, but lambs, things celestial (Num. xxix. 12, 14, etc.) ; for on the feasts [here referred to] they were to be sanctified, and to be introduced by things spiritual 2830.