YARDS, OLIVE, s. celestial things of the church. 1069.
YEA, YEA, and NAY NAY (in Matt. v. 30), have respect to the celestial principle. 3246.
YEAR s. an entire period of the church from beginning to end. That y. s. an entire time of a state of the church from beginning to end, or, what is the same, an entire period, and consequently that y. s. times, or periods within the general period, may appear from many passages in the Word. As y. and years s. a full time between each term, the beginning and the end, when they are pred. of the Lord’s kingdom on earth, that is the church, so they s. what is eternal, when they are pred. of the Lord’s kingdom in heaven. That y. in the internal sense does not s. y., may also appear from this,, that the angels, who are in the internal sense of the Word, cannot have an idea of any y., but inasmuch as y. is a full period of time in the natural world, therefore instead of y. they have an idea of what is full in respect to states of the church, and of what is eternal in respect to states of heaven: times with them are states. 2906. Years (P. lxi. 6) s. what is eternal. 2906. See Day and Year.
YEAR of the GOOD PLEASURE of JEHOVAH (Isa. lxi. 2) s. the time of the new church. 2906.
YEAR of the LORD, acceptable (Isa. lxi. 2), s. the time and state of the men of the church, when they are succored or nourished by love. A.E. 995.
YEAR of the REDEEMED (Isa. lxiii. 4) s. a state of blessedness. 488.
YEAR of my REDEEMED (Isa. lxiii. 4), and the year of visitation (Jer. xi. 23), s. the time of a new church. 2906.
YEAR of RETRIBUTION (Isa. xxxiv. 8) s. the last judgment. A. E. 850. Y. of r. and day of revenge s. the same, only the y. of r. is pred. of falses, whereas the day of revenge has respect to evils. A. E. 413.
YEARS OF ABUNDANCE OF PROVISION, and YEARS OF FAMINE. (Gen. xli.) By y. are s. states, by the y. of a. of p. states of the multiplication of truth in the natural principle, and by the y. of f. states of defect and privation of truth in the natural principle; in general, by the seven y. of a. of p., and the seven y. of. f. in the land of Egypt, in the internal sense, are des. the states of man’s reformation and regeneration, and in the supreme sense the states of the glorification of the Lord’s human; to the intent that these things might be rep., such things came to pass in the land of Egypt; the reason why they came to pass in that land was, because by the land of Egypt and by Pharaoh, in the internal sense, is rep. the natural principle, the glorification of which in the Lord is there treated of. 5275.
YEARS OF ANCIENT TIMES (Ps. lxxvii. 5) s. states of the ancient church. 488.
YEARS OF THE BABYLONISH CAPTIVITY, etc. Vastation was rep. by the y. of the c.; the beginning of a new church was rep. by the deliverance and rebuilding of the temple. 728.
YEARS and LIVES (Gen. xxv. 7, 18) s. rep. states. 3274.
YELLOW. The color of good in the other life is presented in blue, y., and red. 8458.
YESTERDAY, TODAY, and TOMORROW. Y. s. from eternity; t.-d., eternity; and t.-m., to eternity. 3998.
YIELD FRUIT, to (Rev. xxii.), s. to produce goods. A. R. 935.
YOKE upon the neck s. interclusion and interception. 3603. To carry a y. (1 Sam. vi. 7) s. to serve falses which defile good. A. E. 700. To serve the king of Babel and to put the neck under his y. (Jer. xxvii. 8) s. to be altogether deprived of the knowledge and acknowledgment of the good and truth of faith, consequently, of internal worship. 1327. The bonds of the y. s. the delights of evil originating in the love of self and the world. A. E. 365. See Oxen.
YOUNG MAN and VIRGIN s. the intelligence of truth and the affection of good. A. E. 555.
YOUNG MEN s. those who are in truths, and abstractedly truths themselves. A. E. 131. Also, the understanding of truth and intelligence. A. E. 270.
YOUNGER, the (Gen. xlviii. 14), s. to be in the second place. 6270.
YOUTH, a state of, cor. to the affection of good and truth. 3254. Y. (Ps. cxxvii. 4; cxliv. 12) s. the ancient church which was in genuine truth. Sons of the y. s. the truths of the ancient church, which were natural truths from a spiritual origin. A. E. 724.