Order and Chaos

How can something be both free and limited? Jantsch’s answer seems to be a variation of Bohm’s. Since all processes are linked together, there is no bottom or top; it is the WHOLE which determines what happens and the individual in its freedom is an aspect of the whole. John Briggs and David Peat


Some people are perplexed by the universe because the universe seems to display both order and disorder (chaos). This is especially evident in dynamical weather systems. Scientists have detected that, although the weather seems chaotic and difficult to predict, it is still governed by an underlying order (or attractor). The reason the weather is unpredictable is because it consists of a great number of parts that are interacting with each other. This is equally true of the whole universe. There is order and uncertainty in the universe because the universe consists of many parts that are separated by Truth and interconnected by Love.

Recently, scientists, such as David Bohm, have developed theories of wholeness where the universe tends to be guided, maintained and restored by the WHOLE. Of course, being scientists, they do not have much to say about what that “wholeness” or “Holiness” is. However, more than 200 years ago, Swedenborg revealed that this omnipresent “wholeness” was God’s Love and Wisdom. In Chaos theory, the universe also embeds an attractor that restores order on every level of the universe. According to Swedenborg, that attractor is the harmonic toroidal vortex of Divine Love. It seems that modern day science is starting to corroborate what Swedenborg discovered when he consciously peered into the inner levels of the universe.

For example, a simple pendulum’s behavior is well-ordered and easy to predict. But the double rod pendulum’s behavior above seems chaotic and difficult to predict. However, it is still governed by underlying laws. Changing the double pendulum’s initial conditions completely changes its trajectory.

By correspondence, our inner world of emotions and thoughts should also display both order and chaos. And, what is true of natural atmospheres must be true of spiritual atmospheres. Certain actions and behaviors at the beginning of our life may lead us into disorder. And, we may be wondering how we arrived into such a dark state. When we fall into depression, everything seems chaotic because we have lost the inner structure and principles that give our life meaning and purpose. In fact, it is during these depressions that we are compelled to redefine our loves and beliefs so they are more aligned with Divine Truth and Love. This is how our loves and beliefs change and our spiritual body evolves. By behaving in accordance with our unselfish love and true beliefs, our life can become useful and meaningful and we can ultimately find ourselves in the harmonic spiritual fields of Heaven.

The universe displays both order and disorder because it was spawned from Divine Truth and Love. Order and law stem from Truth while uncertainty and freedom are derived from Love. Truth separates and Love unifies. Truth separates what is True from what is false, what is good from what is evil, what is harmonious from what is discordant and Love reunifies what is harmonious. By correspondence, in the material world, electricity separates everything into positive and negative and magnetism unifies. On the macrocosmic scale, galaxies, stars and planets are separated by radiation and united by gravitation (gravity).

Many of us do not like disorder. But, if disorder were not allowed in the universe, there would be no freedom, nor any change, nor any evolution. The universe would be like a meaningless machine. And we would resemble robots who would necessarily obey God’s law. On the other hand, many of us also do not like to be restrained by law and we would prefer to be completely free. But if the Lord did not periodically restore equilibrium and order, everything would end in chaos.

The right arm of God is Mercy (Love) and His left arm is Judgment (Truth). This is how the universe is kept in freedom and equilibrium. Thus, we are free to transgress spiritual law but our own sin ultimately judges,enslaves and punishes us. Yet the Lord is also merciful. If we repent and understand the law, the Lord’s Mercy will forgive us.

Some people falsely believe that if they act lovingly and mercifully and do not hurt others that they can do whatever they please. These people usually end up in debauchery. They are in fact committing sins against themselves and becoming enslaved and addicted to abuses and lusts of all kinds. Others of us tend to be self-righteous and falsely believe they have the right to tell others what to love, what to believe and how to live. These humans eventually become judgmental and cruel and they usually commit sins against they fellow humans. They think they have the right to take away other people’s freewill because they know better.

In a civil society, we can do pretty much anything we desire as long as we do not interfere and hurt others. Thus, no one prevents us from freely choosing to live a life of selfishness, debauchery and vanity. But such behavior will only lead us into the chaos, insanity, bondage and suffering of hell. In order to be really free and enter the harmonic, meaningful, delightful and useful societies of Heaven, we must obey the laws of Divine Truth (Order). And this means that we do not just have to obey the civil laws of our earthly community; we must equally adhere to the laws of our spiritual community or Heaven. And, we can only accomplish this by obeying our spiritual conscience and behaving in accordance with our true beliefs and useful intentions.

The universe was wisely designed by God so that each one of us may have the freewill to choose between Good/Truth (usefulness/order) and evil/falsity (selfishness/disorder). Thus, we have no right to impose our own loves and beliefs upon others. Instead, we should repent and resist temptation so that we do not end up in the spiritual obscurity, selfishness and chaos of hell. Heaven is a kingdom of usefulness, harmony, justice and peace because all angels freely obey the law of Truth and live in the freedom of Love.