The Holomovement

The thought occurred to me: perhaps the movement of enfoldment and unfoldment is universal, while the extended and separate forms that we commonly see in experience are relatively stable and independent patterns, maintained by a constant underlying movement of enfoldment and unfoldment. This latter I called the holomovement. The proposal was thus a reversal of the usual idea. Instead of supposing that matter and its movement are fundamental, while enfoldment and unfoldment are explained as a particular case of this, we are saying that the implicate order will have to contain within itself all possible features of the explicate order as potentialities, along with the principles determining which of these features will become actual. DAVID BOHM

Most scientists believe that quantum theory is valid because it has been verified many times by experiment. However, since the wavefunction can only provide probabilities of actual processes, physicists still have trouble interpreting what the wavefunction represents. The usual interpretation of quantum mechanics is that it is the act of measurement which collapses the wavefunction. But what caused the wavefunction of the universe to collapse and quanta to combine and form into elementary particles, atoms, molecules, DNA, plants and animals if there were no human physicists around to collapse the wavefunction? The physicist David Bohm had a better or causal interpretation of quantum theory. He believed that every part of the universe enfolds an underlying HOLOMOVEMENT (or movement of the WHOLE) within itself. And it was and continues to be this holomovement which drives the whole universe.

Two hundred years ago, Swedenborg had already discovered that this holomovement was the involution and evolution of Divine Love or God’s substance. And the only reason the whole evolution of the universe culminated in the formation of the human race is because the human form is the form of Divine Love. The whole history (past) and prophecy (future) of the universe are also enfolded within every human being because Love is omnipresent. What David Bohm calls “the implicate order” is what Swedenborg calls Divine or Heavenly Order (Truth).

There is an underlying spiritual Order within our mind and heart that is continually organizing and restoring our human body as well as the events in our life. We can keep in touch with this holomovement by means of conscience and rationality. When we are in tune with the holomovement of Divine Love, our life flows effortlessly because it is the power and energy of this holomovement that is doing the work. We can even see evidence of this vortical holomovement around us. Galaxies, flowers and DNA involve and evolve in correspondence with the holomovement of Divine Love. And this Divine Love within us is also driving and guiding us into the HOLY fields of Heaven.

That the universe, with all things in general and in particular therein, was created from the Divine Love by means of the Divine Wisdom can be confirmed from all things in the world that may be examined by the eye. Take any object in particular and examine it with some degree of intelligence, and you will be convinced. Take a tree, or its seed, its fruit, its flower or its leaf, and, summoning what wisdom you have, view it with a powerful microscope, and you will see wonderful things; yet there are more interior things, which you do not see, still more wonderful. Observe the order, step by step, in which the tree grows from the seed till it produces new seed; and consider whether there is not in every step a continuous endeavour to propagate itself further; for the goal to which it tends is seed, in which its prolific principle exists anew. Then if you will but reflect upon this spiritually also, and this you can do if you please, will you not see wisdom displayed?

Moreover, if you will reflect deeply enough from the spiritual point of view, you will see that this prolific principle is not from the seed, nor from the sun of this world which is pure fire, but that it is in the seed from God the Creator, to whom belongs infinite Wisdom. You will see that it is present not only at creation but also continuously afterwards; for maintenance is perpetual creation, as subsistence is perpetual existence. The operation of the prolific principle in creation may be illustrated from these considerations: work ceases if you take away will from action; speech ceases if you deprive it of thought; motion ceases if effort is withdrawn; in a word, the effect perishes if you remove the cause; and so on. Everything indeed in the order of creation has been endowed with power; power, however, accomplishes nothing of itself, but only from Him who has bestowed it.

Examine also any other object on the earth, as a silk-worm, a bee, or any other tiny creature, and view it first naturally, afterwards rationally, and finally spiritually. Then if you can raise your thoughts to a high level, you will be astonished at all you perceive; and if you permit wisdom to speak in you, you will say in astonishment, “Who does not see the Divine in these things? They are all the work of Divine Wisdom.” Still more will this be the case if you observe the uses of all the things which have been created, noting how they proceed in their own order right up to man, and from man to the Creator from whom they are; and that from the conjunction of the Creator with man the connection of all things depends, and, if you will acknowledge it, the preservation of all things. It will be seen in what follows that the Divine Love created all things, but did nothing without the Divine Wisdom. Emanuel Swedenborg [DP 3]

Image Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA, ESA – Processing & Licence: Judy Schmidt