The Big Bang

According to scientists, the universe expanded from a hot and dense state of energy which eventually crystallized into subatomic particles and then into atoms such as Hydrogen. And then giant clouds of Hydrogen and Helium condensed through gravity to form stars and galaxies. There is really nothing fundamentally wrong with this theory except that scientists are assuming that the universe is purely physical.

So, basically, according to scientists, the process of the universe is an explosion (expansion or radiation) and an implosion (contraction or gravity). Here, we are in total agreement. But we know that when physicists search for the ultimate constitution of subatomic particles, they need to use higher-dimensional mathematics. Why? Well, it is because these physical particles emerge from higher-dimensional STATES of Being. The lower three-dimensional material universe must continually emerge from (involve) and return (evolve) into the higher-dimensional realm of Being.

So, let us modify the Big Bang theory by including higher-dimensional states. The Explosion-Implosion or Radiation-Gravitation of the Big Bang must be in correspondence with a similar process in higher dimensions or states. This higher-dimensional process is the spiritual Involution-Evolution of Divine Love. If this is a reasonable assumption, the ultimate purpose of the universe must be to realize Divine Love.

This process of the realization of Love is a harmonic Explosion-Implosion. And Radiation-Gravitation is always guided by harmonic Involution-Evolution through correspondence and influx. Thus, particles and beings are free to interact in the universe. But only those particles, atoms, molecules and creatures that are in harmony are able to form coherent structures that are able to return into the harmony of Love (or Heaven). The Periodic table of elements is a harmonic scale of harmonic atoms. And only those atoms that are complementary unite to form stable harmonic compounds. Here, we discover that DNA molecules did not evolve accidentally; they involved and evolved in correspondence with the higher-dimensional fields of Love and Wisdom.

Through harmonious relationship and usefulness, Love produces more coherent structures. Minerals, plants, animals and human beings also involved and evolved in correspondence with the harmonic higher-dimensional fields of Love. And man is able to reciprocate Love because his heart (will) is a reactor where Love continues to involve and evolve or explode and implode. Love is a fractal harmonic explosion/implosion that connects God and man.

We can see in the image above that the toroidal vortex is a more accurate model of the process of the universe. In the big bang theory, scientists assume that time is linear. This is why they predict the heat-death of the universe. But gravity implies that the universe is not only exploding, it is also imploding. The toroidal vortex of Love is what is propelling every being in the universe from within. This is why the universe involves and evolves. The material universe continually emerges from higher dimensions and returns into higher dimensions. Therefore, time is not linear; it is a circle or cycle. This is experienced in our own three-dimensional world as …birth-growth-decay-death-birth-growth… This is how we experience the fourth dimension in the three-dimensional world. Everything proceeds (involves) from Love and returns (evolves) to Love.

We can witness this process in every created thing because every being in the universe is an image of Divine Love. We can also observe this in galaxies, stars, planets, quanta, atoms, molecules, minerals, plants, animals and humans. For example, plants grow from seeds in the soil of the earth, bloom out in the spring, produce fruits which contain new seeds. But the flowers and leaves die in winter and return to the earth. And then the process repeats itself. The inhaling and exhaling of our breath is a four-dimensional process, as well as our sleep and wakefulness.

By ignoring the universe’s higher dimensions, scientists have reduced the universe to a meaningless and purposeless process. According to them, the universe emerged from a vacuum of nothingness but, thanks to gravity and natural selection, intelligence emerged. And, of course, this intelligence has no real purpose except perhaps to enable creatures to survive or selfishly succeed in the world. Is it really reasonable to believe that intelligence can emerge from a blind force such as gravity? Surely there must be an underlying Reality beyond matter!

If the universe is higher-dimensional and scientists are extremely intelligent and rational, it would be logical for us to wonder why they are unable to perceive higher-dimensional reality with their intelligent mind. The answer to this question is in the first few chapters of the Bible. The early human races were in fact able to perceive spiritual realities with their mind because their heart was innocent, unselfish and pure. The nakedness of Adam corresponds to his innocence. But, when man fell into self-love and self-intelligence, his heart was no longer innocent and unselfish. His mind was then shut to the spiritual realities of Heaven. This was necessary because when we are in self-love and self-intelligence, we cannot tolerate the blinding Light of Divine Truth and the consuming fire of Divine Love. Thus, we can accumulate knowledge and reason about natural things and still be spiritual blind to the realities of Heaven.