The Center

When we search for the ultimate center of the universe, we are not sure where to find it. All that scientists have been able to discover so far is that moons revolve around planets, planets revolve around stars and stars revolve around the nucleus of galaxies. And it is gravity that is causing this circular motion. But what about galaxies themselves? Scientists believe that galaxies are arranged or bundled into galaxy clusters consisting of thousands of galaxies held together by gravity. Even further, they speculate that these clusters are interconnected into a network like the neurons of our human brain.

Now, if we assume that the universe is higher-dimensional and these higher dimensions are dimensions of mind and spirit, we can perhaps make sense of this arrangement. Swedenborg tells us that Heaven or the higher -dimensional structure of the universe is comprised of angels and societies of angels all arranged in the Divine-Human form or Divine Truth. And this higher-dimensional Divine-Human body is the body of the Lord. Thus, this network of galaxy clusters that we see in the physical heavens must be the lower-dimensional manifestation of the higher-dimensional network of spiritual societies of angels or Heaven. And we know that Heaven is arranged according to Divine Truth and motivated by Divine Love. Hence, the circular and vortical motions that we see in the physical Heavens must correspond to the HARMONIC E-MOTIONS that are taking place in the spiritual Heavens. Every angel or society of angels is eternally involving and evolving toward God or the state of Divine Love.

This explains how God can be omnipresent in the universe. We know that God’s Substance is Divine or Infinite Love and His form is Infinite Truth. And, if every being is revolving around a singularity or God, the center of the universe must be at the heart or center of every being as Divine Love. Therefore, we do not need to seek in outer space to discover the center of the universe. We must simply search into the deepest recesses of our own heart. It is there that we will find God.

Since the Lord is the sun of heaven, and since everything that comes from him looks toward him, the Lord is the common center, the basis of all direction and orientation. So too everything beneath is in his presence and under his control, everything in the heavens and everything on earth. Emanuel Swedenborg [HH 124]

This may be illustrated somewhat by the fact that all the least parts of the body turn themselves to the common center of our earth, which is called the center of gravity; and from this it is that wheresoever men are, even those who are in directly opposite positions, and are called antipodes, all stand upon their feet. Yet this center of gravity is merely nature’s center of gravity; but there is another center of gravity in the spiritual world, and this, with man, is determined by the love in which he is, downwards if his love is infernal, but upwards if his love is heavenly; and whichever way man’s love is determined, in the same way his thoughts and intentions are determined; for these are in the spiritual world, and are impelled by the forces that are there. Emanuel Swedenborg [AE 159]

It is still more difficult to comprehend in the world that in every turning of their face and body the angels have the east before the face, since man according as he turns, has every quarter before his face. This shall also be explained. Although angels, like men, turn and direct their faces and bodies in every direction, they nevertheless have the east always before their eyes. But the turnings of angels are unlike the turnings of men, because they are from a different origin. They appear alike, but they are not. The origin of these turnings is their ruling love, and from this all directions with angels and spirits are determined, for, as just said, their interiors are actually turned towards their common center, which in heaven is the Lord as a sun; consequently their ruling love is always before their face, because their love is always before their interiors, and the face has existence from the interiors, for it is their outward form; and in the heavens this love is the Lord as a sun because it is from Him that they have their love. And as the Lord Himself is in angels in His love, it is the Lord who causes them to look to Him whithersoever they turn. Emanuel Swedenborg [HH 143]

God is the essential person. Throughout all the heavens, the only concept of God is a concept of a person. The reason is that heaven, overall and regionally, is in a kind of human form, and Divinity among the angels is what makes heaven. Further, thinking proceeds in keeping with heaven’s form, so it is not possible for angels to think about God in any other way. This is why all the people on earth who are in touch with heaven think about God in the same way when they are thinking very deeply, or in their spirit.

It is because God is a person that all angels and spirits are perfectly formed people. This is because of heaven’s form, which is the same in its largest and its smallest manifestations. Emanuel Swedenborg [DLW 11]

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