The Hologram

Some scientists have recently proposed that the universe is a giant hologram. This seems to be a reasonable hypothesis when we consider that everything in the universe is made of Light (natural and spiritual).

First, let us recall what a hologram is. It is a recording of information (interference pattern) that appears as a three-dimensional image to the sight of a person as he views around it. The important thing to understand is that the hologram is not an image but a wave-pattern or information that is converted into a three-dimensional image by Light.

The other amazing thing about a hologram is that, when it is broken into many pieces, the three-dimensional image can still be seen in each piece, although it is less clear. This is probably why it is called a “hologram.” Each part still contains the information of the whole 3D image within itself.

Now, in order to discover how a hologram relates to the real universe, we must study how a hologram is produced. A hologram is created by shining a coherent light beam (laser) upon an object through a beamsplitter. The beam reflected from the object is then combined with the reference beam to produce an interference pattern upon a photographic plate.

When a light beam illuminates the interference pattern of the photographic plate a virtual 3D image of the object can be seen by an observer.

Now, the mathematics Dennis Gabor (the inventor of holography) used to produce a hologram was the calculus of Fourier transforms. What Fourier himself discovered was that any form whatsoever in the universe can be converted into a wave pattern consisting of sinusoidal waves. This should not seem so surprising if we consider that every thing is essentially made of Light (or electromagnetic waves). And the mathematical means by which a spatial form can be converted into a wave pattern is the Fourier transform. The Fourier transform of the function g(t) is G(f):

Therefore, the only reason it is possible to produce a hologram is because all things are essentially made of Light in correspondence with Love. And the vortex of Love is represented in this equation by the transcendental function et . This self-similar function is the only function in mathematics that transcends time or transformation. Under any transformation, it remains essentially the same. This is why it is called “spira mirabilis” or “marvelous spiral.”

The wholly (or holy) vortices of Love are within every part of the universe. It may indeed be that the objects that we see around us are also interference patterns of Light. And, if we assume that Light itself represents the whole, then every being is a reflected image of the whole or of Light. Every being is a mirror that reflects Light. And the quality of the reflection is dependent on the properties of the mirror.

If natural Light is in correspondence with spiritual Light or Divine Wisdom/Love, then we can also speculate that the reference beam in a holographic universe corresponds to Divine Wisdom/Love and the object beam represents how the individual self of a being reflects Divine Wisdom/Love. The more our love (substance) is unselfish and the more our understanding is wise, the more perfectly we reflect Divine Wisdom/Love.

Moreover, we can infer that it is through the Divine Wisdom/Love that is in-flowing within us that we are able to obtain a virtual image or true understanding of every being in the universe.

That the Divine love and the Divine wisdom, which are a one in the Lord and go forth from Him as a one, are in every created thing in a certain image can be seen from what is shown throughout the work on The Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom, and especially from what is said in n. 47-51, 55-60, 282-284, 290-295, 313-318, 319-326, 349-357, where it is shown that the Divine is in every created thing, because God the Creator, who is the Lord from eternity, produced from Himself the sun of the spiritual world, and through that sun all things of the universe, consequently that that sun, which is from the Lord, and in which the Lord is, is not only the first substance but is also the only substance from which all things are; and since this is the only substance, it follows that it is in every created thing, but with infinite variety according to uses. [2] Now since Divine love and Divine wisdom are in the Lord, and since Divine fire and brightness are in that sun from Him, and spiritual heat and spiritual light are from that sun, and these two make a one, it follows that in a certain image this one is in every created thing. Because of this all things in the universe have relation to good and truth, and, in fact, to their conjunction, or what is the same, all things in the universe have relation to love and wisdom and to their conjunction, since good belongs to love and truth to wisdom; for love calls all that pertains to it good, and wisdom calls all that pertains to it truth. That there is a conjunction of these in every created thing will be seen in what follows.

Many admit that there is an only substance which is the first substance and the source of all things, but what kind of a substance it is they do not know. They believe it to be so simple that nothing is simpler; that it may be compared to a point with no dimension; and that from an infinite number of such the forms of dimension came into existence. This, however, is a fallacy originating in the idea of space; for the idea of space makes the least to appear such. But the truth is that the simpler and purer any thing is, the more and the fuller it is. It is for this reason that the more deeply any object is examined, the more wonderful, perfect, and beautiful are the things seen in it; and thus that the most wonderful, perfect, and beautiful of all are in the first substance. This is true, because the first substance is from the spiritual sun, which, as has been said, is from the Lord, and in which the Lord is, there fore that sun is itself the only substance; and as this substance is not in space it is the all in all, and is in the greatest and the least things of the created universe. [2] Since that sun is the first and only substance, from which all things are, it follows that infinitely more things are in that substance than can appear in the substances that spring from it, which are called substantiate [or composite], and at length material. These things cannot appear in those substances, because they descend from that sun by degrees of a twofold kind, in accordance with which all perfections decrease. For this reason, as said above, the more deeply any thing is examined, the more wonderful, perfect, and beautiful are the things that are seen. This has been said to show that in a certain image the Divine is in every created thing, but becomes less and less apparent in its descent through the degrees, and still less apparent when a lower degree has become separated from a higher by the closing up of the higher, and by becoming itself choked up with earthy matters. This, however, must needs seem obscure, unless one has read and understood what has been presented in the work on The Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom, respecting the spiritual sun (n. 83-172), respecting degrees (n. 173-281), and respecting the creation of the universe (n. 282-357). Emanuel Swedenborg [DP 5-6]

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