Psalm 28

1 Unto thee, O Jehovah, will I call:
My rock, be not thou deaf unto me;
Lest, if thou be silent unto me,
I become like them that go down into the pit.

1 A pit signifies falsity. A. 4728.

Here also Jehovah, and rock are mentioned, because by Jehovah is understood the Lord as to Divine good, and by rock the Lord as to Divine truth. Since both these are understood, therefore also it is twice said ” be not silent unto me, lest if thou be silent unto me,” one having reference to Divine good, and the other to Divine truth.
E. 411.

See Psalm xviii. 3, 32, 47. Inv. 35.

2 Hear the voice of my supplications, when I cry unto
When I lift up my hands toward thy holy oracle.
3 Draw me not away with the wicked,
And with the workers of iniquity;
That speak peace with their neighbors,
But mischief is in their hearts.
4 Give them according to their work, and according to
the wickedness of their doings:
Give them after the operation of their hands;
Render to them their desert.
5 Because they regard not the works of Jehovah,
Nor the operation of his hands,
He will break them down and not build them up.

1-5. Prayer of the Lord to the Father that the hypocrites may be subjugated. P. P.

6 Blessed be Jehovah,
Because he hath heard the voice of my supplications.

6 Blessing involves every good celestial, spiritual, and also natural. These are signified by blessing in the internal sense. In the external sense by blessing is signified every worldly, corporeal, and earthly good, but these if they be a blessing will be of necessity from internal blessing, for this alone is blessing, because it is eternal and joined with every felicity, and is the very being of blessings. Blessed be Jehovah signifies every good for those who worship the Lord from internals. A. 1096.

To bless Jehovah, or the Lord, and to be blessed by Jehovah, or the Lord, was a common form of speech. It was therefore common also to say “Blessed be Jehovah.” A. 1422.

By blessing is meant all the good which man has from the Lord, as power and opulence, and the things which accompany them, but especially all spiritual good, as love and wisdom, charity and faith, and thence the joy and happiness which are of life eternal. Because all these are from the Lord it follows that they are in Him, for unless they were in Him they could not be in others from Him. Hence it is that the Lord is called “Blessed” in the Word. R. 289.

7 Jehovah is my strength and my shield;
My heart hath trusted in him, and I am helped:
Therefore my heart greatly rejoice th;
And with my song will I praise him.
8 Jehovah is their strength,
And he is a stronghold of salvation to his anointed.

7 Here because song signifies confession from joy of heart, therefore it is said “my heart greatly rejoiceth, and with my song will I confess unto him.” E. 326.

7 8. See Psalm xviii. 1-3 et seq. A. 8261.

8 See Psalm ii. 2. A. 3008.
See Psalm ii. 2, 6. A. 9954.
See Psalm ii. 2, 6. R. 779.
See Psalm ii. 2, 6. E. 375.

6-8. He will assist and will prevail. P. P.

9 Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance:
Be their shepherd also, and bear them up for ever.

9 May those be saved who are in the truths and good of
the church.

Author: EMANUEL SWEDENBORG (1688-1772)