Psalm 46

1 God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.

1 See Psalm xviii. 1. R. 279.

1-4, 7, 8. There will be protection from the Lord when the last judgment comes and continues. P. P.

2 Therefore will we not fear, though the earth do change,
And though the mountains be shaken into the heart
of the seas;
3 Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled,
Though the mountains tremble with the swelling
thereof. [Selah]

2-4. By the words “Though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea” are signified the evils of the love of self and of the world, which strike or dazzle the mind according to their increase. E. 405.

3, 4. That mountains and hills signify love to the Lord and love toward the neighbour may be still more manifestly evident from their opposite sense in which they signify infernal loves, which are the love of self and the love of the world, as is manifest here. R. 336.
By the depth of the sea and by the deep is signified the hell, where are the falsities of evil and whence they arise. E. 538.

3, 4, 7, 9. See Psalm xviii. 7, 8. R. 285.

Here it is evident that by the earth is meant the church.

By mountains are signified the goods of love, which are said to be carried into the midst of the sea when the essential knowledges of truth are perverted. E. 304.

5 By the Holy City which is also called the Holy Jerusalem nothing else is meant than the kingdom of the Lord universal, or in each one in particular in whom the kingdom of the Lord is. A. 402.

Waters, rivers, and depths stand for truths from the Lord. A. 2702.

See Psalm vii. 18. A. 8153.

See Psalm xliii. 3, 4. A. 9594.

See Psalm xliii. 3. E. 799.

4 There is a river, the streams whereof make glad the
city of God,
The holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High.
5 God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved:
God will help her, and that right early.

3-5. By rivers are signified truths in abundance, because truths are signified by waters. R. 409.
3-6. These words in the spiritual sense involve the following particulars, that although the church with all things thereof perish, still the Word and the Divine truth therein shall not perish. By the earth is signified the church, by the mountains the goods of love, by the waters truths, and by being removed, put in motion, roaring, being troubled, and shaking are signified the states thereof when they perish, and falses and evils enter in their place, consequently the states of the church when it is vastated as to goods, and desolated as to truths. That the Word shall not perish, or the Divine truth which is of the church is signified by the river whose streams shall make glad the city of God, which shall not be removed, a river signifying here the same as a fountain, namely, the Word because streams are predicated of it, by which are signified truths. The city of God signifies the church as to doctrine. To make glad signifies influx and reception from joy of heart. Not to be moved signifies not to perish with regard to anything thereof. E. 518.

5, 6. By city in the spiritual sense is meant doctrine. R. 194.

By Jerusalem is understood the celestial church as to the doctrine of truth. Jerusalem is called the holy city, the city of God and the city of a great king. E. 223.

6 By morning in these places is meant the coming of the Lord, when He came into the world and established a new church, in like manner now. R. 151.

Morning means the first time of the church, evening and night the last time of it. T. 764.

See Psalm v. 4. E. 179.

See Psalm xxx. 6. Coro. 5.

6 The nations raged, the kingdoms were moved:
He uttered his voice, the earth melted.
7 Jehovah of hosts is with us;
The God of Jacob is our refuge. [Selah]
8 Come, behold the works of Jehovah,
What desolations he hath made in the earth.

6, 7. Those who are of the church and in the doctrine of truth will be saved by the Lord when He comes. P. P.

7, 8. By the God of Jacob and the Holy One of Israel in the Word of the Old Testament the Lord himself is signified. A. 3305.

9 He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth;
He breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder;
He burneth the chariots in the fire.

10 Be still, and know that I am God:
I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted
in the earth.

9, 10. War stands for combats, and the various arms of war stand for those things which belong to spiritual combat, these are broken when cupidities and falsities ceasing, the man comes into the tranquility of peace. A. 1664.
Here the bow and arrows plainly stand for doctrinals of falsity. A. 2686.

By wars in the Word spiritual wars are signified. R. 500.

Here also by Jehovah making wars to cease to the extremity of the earth is signified that He makes combats to cease as understood in the spiritual sense, which are combats of falses against the truths and goods of the church. E. 734.

They will have no fears of the hells nor of infestations therefrom. P. P.

  1. See Psalm xi. 2. R. 299.

Since by wars are signified spiritual combats, which are here those of what is false against the truth and the good pertaining to the church, it is evident what is meant by Jehovah making wars to cease unto the end of the earth, namely, that all combats and all disagreement should cease from first principles to the ultimates of the truth of the church, the end of the earth signifying its ultimates. That there shall be no combat of doctrine against doctrine is signified by His breaking the bow, that there shall be no combat from any falsity of evil is signified by His breaking the spear asunder. That everything of the doctrine of falsity shall be destroyed is signified by burning the chariot in the fire. E. 357.

11 Jehovah of hosts is with us;
The God of Jacob is our refuge. [Selah]

11, 12. This is from the Lord. P. P.

12 Verse quoted. D. P. Page 63.

Author: EMANUEL SWEDENBORG (1688-1772)